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today is the ides of march. the day julius ceasar was murdered. i only know that because in high school i took latin I & latin II. (dork. i know.)

today is a much more historical day than that for me. today is the day i made the best choice in my life.

6 years ago tonight – my then boyfriend – now husband proposed to me – a post-spinning class me who didn’t have time to take a shower before he decided to take me to our college for a late night walk around campus. (and it was a gooooood spinning class)…  we walked around and reminised about where we met, what we thought of each other, yada yada yada… college dorm buildings, class buildings… it was a beautiful spring night. we walked hand in hand like we had done many times. then, in front of the building where we shared many college PR classes.  we sat, appropriately so, on the victory bell by daffodil hill.

he asked me what i had planned for the next 60 yrs.  and in typical me fashion – i rattled off a to-do list. because i didn’t expect the next question.

when he asked. my heart stopped. the tears started.  it was beautiful and perfect and amazing.

and the choice was easy.


Last night, I was thinking about that answer – because saying YES isn’t always that easy.  I chose him. I chose to say yes and be his partner. It was more than just saying yes to a beautiful ring and planning a dream wedding.  it was saying yes to the good times and the bad times. the times when avoiding the conversation is so much easier than having the conversation. it was saying yes to pregnancies and babies and toddlers and 2 beautiful children.  it was choosing to push forward together. no.matter.what.

Then my next thought warmed my heart even more than me choosing him.

Before I could say YES… he chose me. 

He.chose. me.



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the sun is out.

and shining. brightly…

and for ohio. that’s pretty darn amazing!

...inspired by "THE" orange robot party of 2010...

the kids wore spring coats today – and I didn’t wear a coat at all (b/c I’m the mom and I can do that!)

the birds are chirpping and we’re breaking out the sidewalk chalk this afternoon – while the grass isn’t quite green, and is still dotted with lots of snow – i figured some beautiful sidewalk art will brighten our little plot of earth.(**especially the image my sweet son drew of the two of us “planting a rainbow”…love it!)

when you sidewalk chalk (or as we call it – chalky chalkin)… what do you draw?

inspire me people…





...lilypad hopscoch = 15 minutes of fun...UPDATE

 the kids decided that it would be best to play lilypad hopscotch – a game I made up last year and we played once… hmmmm…funny how they remember a game we played ONCE… but can’t seem to remember to use inside voices or to pick up a toy before we get out anything else…)

(pps: I’ve also determined that we don’t need ANY more chalky-chalk until NEXT summer. I estimate about $100 worth of chalk in my chalk bin as of today. that’s A LOT of chalky chalk, friends)

somehow – chalky chalk turned into bubble dumping blowing… which is ALWAYS a good time in my book – note to self: stock up on bubbles… $100 dollars worth…seriously

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