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don’t you just love checking things off a to do list?


i started creating this list about 6-months ago.  i had just read “eat-pray-love” and another blogger’s site about her 100 things list and was inspired to live a life full of things that made me happy and made me feel like i was moving forward in learning more, doing more, being more.  GROWING.

so… 100 things.

Check it out here… https://multitaskerconfessions.wordpress.com/100-things/ (or by clicking on the second tab along the top of this bliggty blog, yo)

it’s not my bucket list because, like, um, that’s grusome…and what happens when you do all 100 things? You just keel over and croak? No thanks…

I could have easily put off the wall things on my list (like go to the moon or vacation in Bora Bora in one of those super posh huts over the ocean) but these are things  I really, really, really want to do and things that I really,really, really think that I can do.

I guess I could make this 99 things list a 100 things list again by adding that I hope to inspire someone else in creating their 100 things list…

My hope is that as I do each thing, I can (A) add to it so it’s a continuously growing list of 100 things and (B) report on each thing as I check-check-check them off…

So, enjoy my list… I hope it inspires you to make your list and live your life to the fullest…

Why not start by starting your 100 thing list  in my comment box… if you notice, #48 is make someone elses “thing” come true….  help me help you people…. help me….help you 🙂


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When my firstborn was a baby, and up until the arrival of little miss, he constantly had a camera in his face. I took every picture…at every angle – because I was scared I’d miss “a moment”…well I came to learn that  babies have LOTS of moments. Thus the disks and disks of digital photos I have of his first 2 years.

Obviously, when little miss made her debut into our family – I snapped just about as many – but once she was mobile (which was very early) and he was edging on the horrific threes (thank God those are behind us now!) the camera came out less and less.   And I relied more and more on my siblings or mom to snap those pictures…because my hands were full and cameras are just too expensive to throw into that mix! The camera came out when family was around- for holidays and birthdays – It came out when we took day trips or whipped something fun up in the kitchen… but it stopped coming out to capture the every day moments… which are usually the most wonderful of all moments.

Yesterday – with my son off at school and my daughter and I enjoying the sunshine through my office window, I captured the essence of my sweet little girl.  It was beautiful. And special. And made me realize that although there are a LOT of moments – those moments fly by very quickly! And capturing them from every angle is ok…and necessary!

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