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Have you ever read the children’s book “Caps for Sale”?  Have you ever heard the saying “wearing many hats? What does this all mean… when you are a mom?

As a mom, our resumes are chockful of duties and responsibilites. Maid, Chauffeur, Chef, Event Planner, Teacher, Book Binder, Doctor, Personal Assistant, Coach… on and on, the duties mound.  the hats pile up. 

And as a mom, we give and give and give and do and do and do… and forget about one very important person… OURSELVES!

I’m guilty of it… I hear my girlfriend’s crypted messages amid conversations… I witness it daily… I see it daily in our neighborhood. Being a mother is a full time gig, yo.  Sure, the rewards are beyond awesome. But…. but… but…

Under all of those caps…

There YOU are.

I made a secret vow on my first night as a mother, while my husband slept (uncomfortably) on a 4 foot electric teal vinyl hospital pull out couch and I nursed my newborn son for the 9000 time in 20 minutes – that while being a mom was amazingly-awesomely awesome… I wasn’t going to forget me.

I knew from the 9001 time of nursing  25 minutes later that that was going to be a tough promise to keep. Because being a mom is a full time gig and full time gigs mean 99% of the time you are doing for others… the other 1% is finding time to go to the bathroom (in privacy?) and eat something that hasn’t gone cold (what does a hot cup of coffee taste like?)

Then came Little Miss.  Two kids, One me.  I made the same promise from the same hospital.  Make time for me. Remember me. Be more than “just MOM”. 

now, ohhhh… I know that last statement might raise eyebrows, I might get hate mail, but… What I mean is that I promised to myself, that while being my littles momma was the most wonderful thing in this whole dog-gone universe, to infinity and beyond…remembering who I was, and what I liked, and what inspired me to be me…would always remain important… and that while on this Mommyhood journey, I’d still take time to make time for me – and to grow and discover for me. Because if I grew – my kids would grow too…

Because under all of those piled up caps… there is something more important and more valuable to my kids than a maid and a doctor and a chauffer and a book binder and a …. under all those caps is ME.

If I’m not the best ME I can be. If I’m not the happiest ME I can be… then I am doing my kids an injustice. Major mom fail (for me at least).

I’ve seen and heard moms who are exhausted by their kid’s activities, they run themselves ragged going here then there and then rinse,wash,repeat… they have excuses for why they can’t meet out ONCE a month for ME time.  Now, husbands travel and families are in other states and that makes childcare difficult… but it makes me sad to see exhausted moms who are treading water just to remember that under all their caps…they are someone who has likes and dislikes and desires and inspirations … that its okay to be you minus the mom hat for a few moments a day.

So, do yourself a favor… make a date. with a girlfriend… go grab a glass of wine, window shop, meet up for dinner… go for a walk… and take time to remember that you matter too!


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