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don’t you just love checking things off a to do list?


i started creating this list about 6-months ago.  i had just read “eat-pray-love” and another blogger’s site about her 100 things list and was inspired to live a life full of things that made me happy and made me feel like i was moving forward in learning more, doing more, being more.  GROWING.

so… 100 things.

Check it out here… https://multitaskerconfessions.wordpress.com/100-things/ (or by clicking on the second tab along the top of this bliggty blog, yo)

it’s not my bucket list because, like, um, that’s grusome…and what happens when you do all 100 things? You just keel over and croak? No thanks…

I could have easily put off the wall things on my list (like go to the moon or vacation in Bora Bora in one of those super posh huts over the ocean) but these are things  I really, really, really want to do and things that I really,really, really think that I can do.

I guess I could make this 99 things list a 100 things list again by adding that I hope to inspire someone else in creating their 100 things list…

My hope is that as I do each thing, I can (A) add to it so it’s a continuously growing list of 100 things and (B) report on each thing as I check-check-check them off…

So, enjoy my list… I hope it inspires you to make your list and live your life to the fullest…

Why not start by starting your 100 thing list  in my comment box… if you notice, #48 is make someone elses “thing” come true….  help me help you people…. help me….help you 🙂


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EO Products

A couple of weeks ago, I sat outside on my sun-drenched sidewalk, creating masterpieces with the littles. It was the first beautiful day we’d had in a lonnnnnnnng time.  I looked at my dormant lavender bushes… daydreaming about the day when they’re in full bloom. I love lavender. Love it. I love everything about lavender. From the calming smell to the gorgeous color (sage-y and grey purple and bright lavender).  The memories that lavender conjures up are as beautiful (mainly the nelle and lizzy ring as a push present for little miss’s birth that came wrapped in a craft box filled with lavender blooms…heaven, on earth.)

On this day – our Fedex friend pulled up. I wondered what I was getting – (probably a boring textbook). Up the drive he strolled with a beautiful navy blue package. For Me!

I shrieked (because who doesn’t love a pretty package from fedex, right?!) and carefully opened this mystery package – i didn’t know the return address. it was too small to be something from my two best  girl friends Kate (spade) or Vera (bradley)…and I didn’t think my husband would just make a purchase and mail it to me just because…not my birthday, anniversary… nada. just  a day.

then I opened it – and inhaled deeply – LAVENDER…. in pretty navy bottles… shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body lotion. Wonderful bliss!

I didn’t order this – and lord knows as wonderful as my husband is at knowing what I like – I can’t imagine he’d know this.  The company is one I was familiar with b/c I had received a little sample of some awesome spray hand-sanitzer (lavender w/ Echinacea)… which has now become my go-to way to sanitize everyone.

That night – while the kids were in bed, I decided to try the products.  My hair has never been so shiny and smelled so wonderful. The hand soap and body lotion are wonderful to wear ALL day… EVERY day. Just enough to make you feel clean and fresh and ….calm….

I loved the lotion at bedtime – because, duh – lavender is calming and perfect for right after a nice shower and before tucking in for the night.

The web site for EO is http://www.eoproducts.com/ – and while window shopping on the web – I found they have other scents that I’m dying to try (Lemon Verbena and Menthol & Grapefruit and Mint & Lemon and Eucalyptus…I can keep going if you’d like)…and will… Especially to hear my husband say I smell soooo good (not that I smell bad, ever… but you know…)

I hope you’ll check out their site and buy their products. I have a 20% coupon code I can share so you can enjoy all their goodness too (just use coupon code: EOHANDS). They are a great company and their story is interesting. and who doesn’t love some new lotions and potions to make them feel happy and pretty and all things wonderful (cue Julie Andrews singing “My Favorite Things”…)

(Ps: I am not being compensated for this review – I’m doing it because I got something good to share and I’m sharing – I’m not even sure how it came to me, or if it was meant for me (aside from my name on the label – but the gift gods were in my favor that day – and that’s fine with me… I’m doing this in hopes that I’ll put some good karma out in the world and be able to continue sharing goodie goods with you!}

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i’m raising readers. i love books. i love reading, writing, talking about books. i want my kids to love reading. and books. and writing-talking-etc. all.things.books.

which is why i’m going back to school for my teaching license in middle childhood education.

i want to teach kids {beyond my own} to love books, and words, and ideas. and love their own unique ability to tell their own stories.

 so it’s no surprise that i love walking in to tuck them in before I head off to bed for the night to see this…

catholic bible...we grow ohio...put me in a zoo...

or this…

...baby love...i'm a ballerina...


… and i don’t know what makes me happier – that they are both sound asleep for the night or that there is a stack of books piled up in their beds.

there is something really sweet about tucking the littles in for the night and having to remove a pile of books from beneath their covers.

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i like being happydon’t you?i went out to eat with my sister and brother-in-law and their friends last friday.it was a grown up dinner – complete with beer and eating food that is still warm. mostly adult conversation… food oogling and soaking up a really cool atmosphere (and i rebelled against my catholic faith and devoured some naturally raised beef from Pat La Freida on a Friday… I also fell in love with said medium burger vs. the medium well, I’ve been getting… WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!)it was heaven…even though i had to sit at the end of the booth… it was heaven!because i was in a michael symon restaurant (b.spot) – where i know i’m about to get served something far beyond all things  GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!i could talk for hours about the SOBE Burger Bash winning Fat Doug burger I enjoyed, or the onion rings I shared along with the Parmesean Rosmary Fondue and chips that were passed between sisters and in-laws and friends… all that makes me happy… and plus…well, just go… if you are in ohio…just go, enjoy… be at the b.spot.what made me happy (and then sad)… was taking a little after dinner stop at Antrhopologie… my dream store.i could spend millions in there. millllliooooooonnnnnsssss. easy.  and i’d buy for you.and you.and you…and me.but on friday night – i delighted in these

Izmir Measuring Cups - $32

 I cupped them in my hand – took each cup out and looked at the adorable designs – they made me smile… because they were sunshiny-and bright-and happy.  I set each one side by side by side and dreamt up fabulous treats I’d bake and share.  i figured out a place to display them far from little fingers.  then I looked at the price and realized that although they made me soooo happy … and even though i was far from a typical friday night hanging in the mommyhood…and i had a belly full of warm food and delish beer…  it wasn’t something i should splurge on. happy or not…  i set them down, glanced back once… and moved on… 

…then – i saw these…  

Extra ingredients measuring spoons - $18

Again- i looked at each one. dreaming up delicious treats and dinners and brunches using these measuring spoons… and oh! look at that – a set of measuring spoons…. i have like 2 remaining lone soliders from my oxo wedding gift purchase.  a whole set of beautiful, happy, spoons… for $18. egads – my dinner cost less than that … 

Again – set down, walk away… pray for a sale (along with forgiveness for devouring that burger in a very un-catholic way), or that Anthropologie wants me to be happy and sends a set of these my way... because Anthropologie wants me to be happy. and cook yummy treats for my friends – and serve said treats out of a picnic basket on some beautiful town square where we’re all impecibly dressed as we sip on some freshly squeezed lemonade. cheerily talking about all the wonderfulness in the world…  (hey… a girlie can dream, can’t she? but seriously – i’ll do that if it means ups/fed ex is making a pick up from Anthropologie and a delivery to my stoop…) 

 Because it would make us all happy…   

(disclaimer: i know material things don’t make you happy… but it was more than the thought of having these… it was the thought of making friends and family and random strangers happy with homemade goodies)…

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When my firstborn was a baby, and up until the arrival of little miss, he constantly had a camera in his face. I took every picture…at every angle – because I was scared I’d miss “a moment”…well I came to learn that  babies have LOTS of moments. Thus the disks and disks of digital photos I have of his first 2 years.

Obviously, when little miss made her debut into our family – I snapped just about as many – but once she was mobile (which was very early) and he was edging on the horrific threes (thank God those are behind us now!) the camera came out less and less.   And I relied more and more on my siblings or mom to snap those pictures…because my hands were full and cameras are just too expensive to throw into that mix! The camera came out when family was around- for holidays and birthdays – It came out when we took day trips or whipped something fun up in the kitchen… but it stopped coming out to capture the every day moments… which are usually the most wonderful of all moments.

Yesterday – with my son off at school and my daughter and I enjoying the sunshine through my office window, I captured the essence of my sweet little girl.  It was beautiful. And special. And made me realize that although there are a LOT of moments – those moments fly by very quickly! And capturing them from every angle is ok…and necessary!

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