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EO Products

A couple of weeks ago, I sat outside on my sun-drenched sidewalk, creating masterpieces with the littles. It was the first beautiful day we’d had in a lonnnnnnnng time.  I looked at my dormant lavender bushes… daydreaming about the day when they’re in full bloom. I love lavender. Love it. I love everything about lavender. From the calming smell to the gorgeous color (sage-y and grey purple and bright lavender).  The memories that lavender conjures up are as beautiful (mainly the nelle and lizzy ring as a push present for little miss’s birth that came wrapped in a craft box filled with lavender blooms…heaven, on earth.)

On this day – our Fedex friend pulled up. I wondered what I was getting – (probably a boring textbook). Up the drive he strolled with a beautiful navy blue package. For Me!

I shrieked (because who doesn’t love a pretty package from fedex, right?!) and carefully opened this mystery package – i didn’t know the return address. it was too small to be something from my two best  girl friends Kate (spade) or Vera (bradley)…and I didn’t think my husband would just make a purchase and mail it to me just because…not my birthday, anniversary… nada. just  a day.

then I opened it – and inhaled deeply – LAVENDER…. in pretty navy bottles… shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and body lotion. Wonderful bliss!

I didn’t order this – and lord knows as wonderful as my husband is at knowing what I like – I can’t imagine he’d know this.  The company is one I was familiar with b/c I had received a little sample of some awesome spray hand-sanitzer (lavender w/ Echinacea)… which has now become my go-to way to sanitize everyone.

That night – while the kids were in bed, I decided to try the products.  My hair has never been so shiny and smelled so wonderful. The hand soap and body lotion are wonderful to wear ALL day… EVERY day. Just enough to make you feel clean and fresh and ….calm….

I loved the lotion at bedtime – because, duh – lavender is calming and perfect for right after a nice shower and before tucking in for the night.

The web site for EO is http://www.eoproducts.com/ – and while window shopping on the web – I found they have other scents that I’m dying to try (Lemon Verbena and Menthol & Grapefruit and Mint & Lemon and Eucalyptus…I can keep going if you’d like)…and will… Especially to hear my husband say I smell soooo good (not that I smell bad, ever… but you know…)

I hope you’ll check out their site and buy their products. I have a 20% coupon code I can share so you can enjoy all their goodness too (just use coupon code: EOHANDS). They are a great company and their story is interesting. and who doesn’t love some new lotions and potions to make them feel happy and pretty and all things wonderful (cue Julie Andrews singing “My Favorite Things”…)

(Ps: I am not being compensated for this review – I’m doing it because I got something good to share and I’m sharing – I’m not even sure how it came to me, or if it was meant for me (aside from my name on the label – but the gift gods were in my favor that day – and that’s fine with me… I’m doing this in hopes that I’ll put some good karma out in the world and be able to continue sharing goodie goods with you!}


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Happy birthday little man…

my son turned four today.

for the past four days, i’ve been a complete sap.

mushy mushy mess.

I’ve also been up to my elbows in course work and client work and volunteer work and creating an orange robot party…because (note to Hallmark, American Greetings, etc.) Orange Robot parties don’t exist. Next year, howabout, oh say… something that has been licensed (no- I’m kidding…I like the originality of it… it lets me work my creative muscle…) Which means – orange paint, cardboard boxes and blowing up 20 19 jumbo balloons while watching women’s figure skating in Vancouver.   It’s been a crazy week. But it’s a good crazy, really.

None-the-less… The transition from 3 to 4 has been an emotional one for me. Maybe it’s the realization that 4 is sooo much bigger than 3. Or the fact that today’s birthday celebration is so different from last year (where I planned a fabulous Mommy& D-man day and he proceeded to karate chop my throat and scream through the entire photo shoot, trip to the disney store and out for ice cream)…Or that fact that when I look at him, I can still see that little baby in my arms but blink and see a little man who is growing up so fast.

I’m a mess though – Big Ol’ Messy Mess…

Olympic P&G commerical comes on – I bawl.

Figure Skating – I yelp.

folding socks that once fit his now huge feet – I sob.

having conversations that have meaning and are laced with an impressive vocabulary – I cry.

And tonight – he topped everything. 

While we read our bedtime stories and snuggled, nose to nose… I said – “Happy Birthday, My Love.”

While his arms draped over my shoulders and tugged on my pony, giving me eskimo kisses (the best kind) he said – “Happy Birthday, Mommy”.

And I melt.

Because he’s right – today is my birthday too. I share the day with him. Today he turns 4… “Today” I became a mom.

He’s a pretty smart cookie, that little man! 

I guess that’s what happens when you turn four…


Dear Master D –

You are the light of all lights in my life. You are so smart, so bright, so much wonderfulness.  You are every blessing the world offers up.  How did you get so big and smart and kind and funny and everything you are? You AMAZE me, every day.  Never stop being the wonderful you you are.  The way you see the world is a breath of fresh.  The way you explain the world and all that happens in the world and the way you find your way to fit in it – is beautiful.

You make Daddy and I so proud to be your parents.  The night we first held you in our arms – you were a miracle. Tonight, as we tuck you in – you are still that same miracle. We created you. You created us. There will never be another you.  And that is a wonderful, wonderful thing!

Thank you for making us laugh,  for amazing us with your reading ability, for your expansive vocabulary and your love of the culinary world…may your soul always be full and make you yearn for all the happiness the world has in store for you!

You are Brilliant, My Love.

You are Breathtaking, My Sweet.

Thank you for being all that you are.

Thank you for making me.

Happy 4th Birthday.

All my Love,


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