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today is the ides of march. the day julius ceasar was murdered. i only know that because in high school i took latin I & latin II. (dork. i know.)

today is a much more historical day than that for me. today is the day i made the best choice in my life.

6 years ago tonight – my then boyfriend – now husband proposed to me – a post-spinning class me who didn’t have time to take a shower before he decided to take me to our college for a late night walk around campus. (and it was a gooooood spinning class)…  we walked around and reminised about where we met, what we thought of each other, yada yada yada… college dorm buildings, class buildings… it was a beautiful spring night. we walked hand in hand like we had done many times. then, in front of the building where we shared many college PR classes.  we sat, appropriately so, on the victory bell by daffodil hill.

he asked me what i had planned for the next 60 yrs.  and in typical me fashion – i rattled off a to-do list. because i didn’t expect the next question.

when he asked. my heart stopped. the tears started.  it was beautiful and perfect and amazing.

and the choice was easy.


Last night, I was thinking about that answer – because saying YES isn’t always that easy.  I chose him. I chose to say yes and be his partner. It was more than just saying yes to a beautiful ring and planning a dream wedding.  it was saying yes to the good times and the bad times. the times when avoiding the conversation is so much easier than having the conversation. it was saying yes to pregnancies and babies and toddlers and 2 beautiful children.  it was choosing to push forward together. no.matter.what.

Then my next thought warmed my heart even more than me choosing him.

Before I could say YES… he chose me. 

He.chose. me.



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i use to think it was important to have too many friends to count…because, as thinking goes, the more friends, the more popular, right? thus – the more popular, the more friends… and the circle goes on and on…popular-friends-friends-popular… then i put on my big girl panties and turned 31 and realized that that’s not true.  it’s not the quantity of friends – it’s really the quality. that being said – in order to have a friend – you must be that friend…

However. while driving the littles from point A to point B this week, and actually listening to something on the radio besides “their” music… i heard a conversation on-air about the 10 friends you should have before you turn 30 (ok – give or take a year)… I thought this was soooo interesting.  But totally got the concept…

According to the station – these are the 10 friends i MUST have… (I have a few changes to this list though…)

1. The Style Guru –  i totally look to my friend C.Y. for this one.  She’s so fun and funky and adorable. Just the other day I saw her at the bus stop, sporting some purple tights and an adorable grey t-shirt tunic… and i thought – LOVE IT…MUST HAVE PURPLE TIGHTS… her spirit and sense of style are such a breath of fresh air.  She’s also the momma of 4 kids … and she still finds the time to look fabulous… in purple tights…

2. The Mr./Ms. Fix-it – (my change: the Martha Stewart-esque Friend) – Totally, totally my friend A.H.  She’s just so clever. She decorates for holidays like St. Patricks day. She concocts the most adorable things for her kids to do on a rainy day. I know I can always count on her for some great idea … and a good laugh.

3. The Good-Time Gal –   probably the friend who has known me the longest is my friend J.D. While babies and little ones and moves and other “things” have kept us from having those “good-times”  like we use to have– i know that with J. the minute we get together the fun will happen -even if it’s just camping out on the couch with a bottle of wine and a brick of cheese.  We’ve known each other since  7th grade choir (and anyone who can still be my friend after hearing me sing…is a good friend – J. on the other hand has the voice of an angel!) and we’ve  been friends since our one true love {Jonathon Brandis, RIP} brought us together in 10th grade biology… we were awkward with big glasses, and weighed in at all of 110 pounds between the two of us. But, together we morphed into who we are today… and the road to get here has been… FUN! (to keep it rated PG and appropriate for family members who read this)

4. The Health Nut – (my change: Foodie Friend) My friend E.M-R is totally this person.  We can not talk for weeks/months…see each other on IM and talk and talk about this chef, that chef, this restaurant, that dish, that recipe, this recipe and throw in a little juicy gossip as well. She’s the person I think of when I try something new and just have to share. She’s got BOH expereience which just always intregies me – (she’s working on a blog…stay tuned, it’s gonna be a good one!)

5. The Ear – most definitely my friend A.K.  I shake when we don’t talk for a day. She’s my person – My “Christina” … she tells it like it is, offers her support, shares a story to make it all better… she stands up for me when I’m beating myself up over something mundane  – or when she sees a total injustice that I’ve just become accustom to.  She’s caring and thoughtful and wonderful and probably deserves some sort of friendship oscar or grammy or nobel peace prize something like that. through thick or thin – A. is ALWAYS reliable. ❤

6. The Do-It-Herselfer  — (DIH seeks DIH for projects, projects and projects. must like centsational girl and home beautiful, no kitchy-crafts. Must love Martha Stewart and fabric swatches, and have an appreciation for a fine piece of paper. Must comment at least once a shopping-outing : “I could so do this”, and have an love-affair obession with etsy.com)

7. The Culture Guru — (I don’t have a go-to-person for all things culture related in my current locale.  I live in a village. With antique shops. And a Pizza Hut. And Sushi that comes from the grocery store. And that’s about it.  The Downtown area is 30 min. away, I’ve never ventured to German Village, or Short North or SoBe or whatever the terminology is.  I desparetly want to do a gallery hop. Wine Tasting. Tapas dinner… if you can be this friend… please rsvp and let me know where we’re headed… if i was in Cleveland, it would so be chef’s widow or ohmommy – I just need a Cbus equivilent.)

8. The Healthcare Professional – totally my friend M.L.  She’s our resident nurse in training and has like 8 more saturdays (b/c that’s how we count down) before she is official.  She’s also my drinking buddy. Which is totally medicinal too, right? 

9. The Legal Adviser (my change: Sister) I cannot not add my sister (J.S.) to this list. While she’s not a legal adviser… she’s my go-to-person for a sounding board.  She is un-judging and knows what I am really feeling/thinking/saying even though I might be saying/feeling/thinking something completely different.  Above all – I’ve always believed that God gave me my sister so I’d always have a Best Friend.  Thus, she’s also my worst enemy.. but eh, take it or leave it.

10. The Travel Buddy – I would have to say that if I had to pick one friend to ALWAYS travel with it would be J.H.  We did a family trip together about a year and a half ago – and it was so much fun. I would go anywhere with J. She is always prepared – beyond prepared – for every situation.  She just KNOWS how to travel. with kids. and a husband. while pregnant or breastfeeding.  We’re totally looking forward to the HH2 trip in like 2 years… we’ve also both promised to NOT be pregnant or nursing.  Not only does J. know how to travel – she knows how to make the most of every moment – be it in her kitchen at home or laying oceanside in HH.  I’m a picky travel companion – so it’s a breath of fresh air to know that J. totally is travel compatible! ❤ 

Disclaimer – I do have a handful of friends who didn’t make the 10 list – but it doesn’t discredit their friendship. They are important in their own special way.  

(an addition…b/c I was really trying to “put” her somewhere and find the right words for her – my most inspirational friend, JB. You can read her family’s story here. She was my first true “village” friend and whenever the hubs and i hang out with her and her hubs – it’s a great night!  Whenever J and I can hang out (like our NKOTB night) it’s so much fun. I like her lots… Which is great because J and I have determined that Little Miss and her son D. are going to go to prom and get married…)

How about you… who are your 10?

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… i’ve done this to myself…  

…created my monster sweet girl… 

…one who’s early morning conversation with me today, goes something like this… 

“…{brother} hit me in da nose. da nose bloody nose…just a lill bit bloody. i fine now. {she sighs and looks out the office window}… libby {cousin} push me off the lill table {shows me how she was shoved off by forcing her little arms forward}… i bite. i bite libby right here {showing me her shoulder by tapping to the exact spot of the bite}… [i stop her here to discuss biting, i sing a yo gabba gabba song about not biting and i make her repeat to me 2x that “teeth are not for biting”] {she sighs}…aunt doe-doe come here? papa come here? papa buy my booooooooootiful dresses….papa buy me boooooootiful dresses…i pretty. teeeetteeeee princess. {wherein she prances and dances and twirls out of my office, down the hall and stops, and smiles…}


…and i remind myself… that she is my creation… 



{all of the above stories are in fact true… i have taught my daughter (and son) to speak the truth – yes – her brother did hit her in the nose with a hairbrush {in which he served the time for doing the crime} – yes, she did get a (very short lived) bloody nose – yes, she was pushed off her picnic table by her older cousin and yes, she did bite her. aunt “doe-doe” is my sister, and i just happend to be skyping with her in my office while this conversation happened…and yes, papa is a sucker for little miss and bought her not one but TWO beautiful dresses of her choosing while we were in town last weekend… {more on that later}… and yes, she is beautiful – very, very, very beautiful… in every way, shape and form…BEAUTIFUL.} 

what is it about upside down babies that just gets me!

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…my little man is no longer diggin’ the tub…

he REQUESTED a shower today.

Showers are for big kids.

when did that all happen…


(i will admit it was super cute that he liked singing in the shower – and saying “echo-echo-echo“. He also drew me a “steam picture” of happy faces… which is super cute)

I think I might sit on him to keep him from growing any more…

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the sun is out.

and shining. brightly…

and for ohio. that’s pretty darn amazing!

...inspired by "THE" orange robot party of 2010...

the kids wore spring coats today – and I didn’t wear a coat at all (b/c I’m the mom and I can do that!)

the birds are chirpping and we’re breaking out the sidewalk chalk this afternoon – while the grass isn’t quite green, and is still dotted with lots of snow – i figured some beautiful sidewalk art will brighten our little plot of earth.(**especially the image my sweet son drew of the two of us “planting a rainbow”…love it!)

when you sidewalk chalk (or as we call it – chalky chalkin)… what do you draw?

inspire me people…





...lilypad hopscoch = 15 minutes of fun...UPDATE

 the kids decided that it would be best to play lilypad hopscotch – a game I made up last year and we played once… hmmmm…funny how they remember a game we played ONCE… but can’t seem to remember to use inside voices or to pick up a toy before we get out anything else…)

(pps: I’ve also determined that we don’t need ANY more chalky-chalk until NEXT summer. I estimate about $100 worth of chalk in my chalk bin as of today. that’s A LOT of chalky chalk, friends)

somehow – chalky chalk turned into bubble dumping blowing… which is ALWAYS a good time in my book – note to self: stock up on bubbles… $100 dollars worth…seriously

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When my firstborn was a baby, and up until the arrival of little miss, he constantly had a camera in his face. I took every picture…at every angle – because I was scared I’d miss “a moment”…well I came to learn that  babies have LOTS of moments. Thus the disks and disks of digital photos I have of his first 2 years.

Obviously, when little miss made her debut into our family – I snapped just about as many – but once she was mobile (which was very early) and he was edging on the horrific threes (thank God those are behind us now!) the camera came out less and less.   And I relied more and more on my siblings or mom to snap those pictures…because my hands were full and cameras are just too expensive to throw into that mix! The camera came out when family was around- for holidays and birthdays – It came out when we took day trips or whipped something fun up in the kitchen… but it stopped coming out to capture the every day moments… which are usually the most wonderful of all moments.

Yesterday – with my son off at school and my daughter and I enjoying the sunshine through my office window, I captured the essence of my sweet little girl.  It was beautiful. And special. And made me realize that although there are a LOT of moments – those moments fly by very quickly! And capturing them from every angle is ok…and necessary!

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