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today is the ides of march. the day julius ceasar was murdered. i only know that because in high school i took latin I & latin II. (dork. i know.)

today is a much more historical day than that for me. today is the day i made the best choice in my life.

6 years ago tonight – my then boyfriend – now husband proposed to me – a post-spinning class me who didn’t have time to take a shower before he decided to take me to our college for a late night walk around campus. (and it was a gooooood spinning class)…  we walked around and reminised about where we met, what we thought of each other, yada yada yada… college dorm buildings, class buildings… it was a beautiful spring night. we walked hand in hand like we had done many times. then, in front of the building where we shared many college PR classes.  we sat, appropriately so, on the victory bell by daffodil hill.

he asked me what i had planned for the next 60 yrs.  and in typical me fashion – i rattled off a to-do list. because i didn’t expect the next question.

when he asked. my heart stopped. the tears started.  it was beautiful and perfect and amazing.

and the choice was easy.


Last night, I was thinking about that answer – because saying YES isn’t always that easy.  I chose him. I chose to say yes and be his partner. It was more than just saying yes to a beautiful ring and planning a dream wedding.  it was saying yes to the good times and the bad times. the times when avoiding the conversation is so much easier than having the conversation. it was saying yes to pregnancies and babies and toddlers and 2 beautiful children.  it was choosing to push forward together. no.matter.what.

Then my next thought warmed my heart even more than me choosing him.

Before I could say YES… he chose me. 

He.chose. me.



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the night before Mr + Mrs!
it’s hard to believe that 4 yrs ago tonight, i was on
the eve of being a blushing, beautiful bride.
it’s hard to believe that 4 yrs ago tonight,
i could hardly sleep because of all the excitement
and anticipation of what October 23, 2004 held.
looking back, it seriously was a blink of an eye kind of experience. we were at the church-rehearsing, then back to my parents for dinner with the wedding party, then off to bed before “the” day of wedded bliss. and a morning of bellini’s and pedis
and all things glamorous (oh, to return to such a relaxing, perfect morning!)
so much happens. like babies. like baby weight around your middle. like going to bed in flannel pj bottoms and one of your baby brother’s thermal shirts instead of something “sexy-sexy”. like loosing jobs and crying kids who are sick.sick.sick. and recessions and mortgage payments and moving away and well…
life just happens.
it’s amazing. it’s crazy.
it’s what you do and how you handle it that really makes
your mark as a person.
and sometimes –
i feel like i’ve got it under control and the other times …
well, sometimes you feel like a nut…sometimes you don’t!
but, in the end –
what matters most on the eve of eves and anniversaries of anniversaries
is that the person i’m falling asleep next to, or crying to, or laughing with,
or trying to figure it all out with,
is that the person that pledged his
unconditional love through the ups-and-downs and
twisty-turns of life is with me when life just happens.
it’s that the person who made those promises on the
4-yr old milestone of 10/23 is
my person…
forever and ever.

Mr+ Mrs. Forever and Ever…
Here’s looking forward to Year 5’s eve of eves where I’m gleefully packing a suitcase and dropping of the munchkins so that the hubs and I can get-away for a *romantic* getaway to celebrate Year 5 which could possibly, maybe, hopefully include a plane trip to cali where we dine at French Laundry… hint hint. (here’s also hoping that by that time – I’m not pregnant (won’t happen), not nursing (puh-lease) and am back into some sexy-sexy’s (instead of the flannel Old Navy Jammie pants and my little brother’s thermal shirt).

And maybe a gift

…of Wood or Silverware…

(huh…not sexy. not romantic)


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